One Square Meter

(Jedan metar kvadratni)

In this piece I worked with the limitation of one square meter as a performance space. Implementing this condition, I have directed the first part of the piece, which contains 4 solos and 1 duo. In the second part of the piece I worked with the limitation of the space between table and chairs (around the table) - performed by all 6 performers. I have chosen the subject of limitation in order to enlarge the reality of that time in Serbia. Serbian borders were sealed and our space to move and travel was very precisely defined and could easily be measured at few hundred kilometres. I have chosen one square meter as a unit of this constraint.

Choreography: Branka Zgonjanin
Performers: Mirjana Uzelac, Jelica Zujovic, Jelena Dragic, Violeta Jankovic, Ana i Marija Obradovic

NOVI STUDIO and Open Theatre DKSG, Belgrade, June 2008