Branka Zgonjanin (a.k.a. Iskra Bela) is a choreographer, performer, teacher and poet. She was born in 1980 in Belgrade, currently based in Amsterdam. Branka creates performances and pieces in the fields of performance art, physical theatre and contemporary dance. Branka's works deal with the (im)materiality of the body and different bodies one possess. She frequently uses the concept of habitus as a method for creating a unique dramaturgy within the performer's body. In her caring relation to her audience, she is probing different kinds of proximity and distance. On an aesthetic level, she is busy with "physicalization of image and pictorialization of movement". Some of her most recent works include: Stereo-politics; Body That Matter; One Double Body and Proven en Spelen.

Branka holds an MA degree in choreography (Amsterdam Master of Choreography 2011) and MA in anthropology (Philosophy Faculty, Belgrade University 2005). In 2008 she received the DanceWEB scholarship in Vienna (ImpulsTanz festival) where together with 69 other dance artists from all over the globe, she founded the artistic collective Embassy Of. In 2007 in Belgrade, she founded a school/lab for contemporary dance and performance - Novi studio. With these, and other, platforms, Branka is searching for ways of developing, exchanging and sharing the artistic practises and relevant matters.

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