Body Book

BODY-BOOK is a durational project, which aims to collect different views on the body and to expose them in an object-book. The views are collected from different practitioners whose main tool or subject or problem is the body. These practitioners are professionals from different fields. In the first place, these are performing artists (contemporary dance/theater, performance art). Then: body-work therapists (such as Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Body-Mind centering, Kinesthetic therapy, Craniosacral therapy), Yoga practitioners, body-builders, prostitutes, priests and also writers, theoreticians and philosophers who work with or explore the body as a subject.

By exposing and juxtaposing all these different opinions, approaches, uses and concepts, I hope to create a comprehensive research on what "body" means to us (practitioners), how we think about it, use it, treat it, develop it, deconstruct it, free it, frame it and so on, while we are living with it and in it. And then, what kind of knowledge is produced through all these different practices?

The object-book will be created over a not yet set period of time. It will include interviews with practitioners/authors, pre-chosen or chosen "on-the-go", where the criteria for choosing is subjective, partly driven by discoveries during the process (some people will guide me to other people, some techniques will open up my sight to other kinds of techniques). Interviews will be produced in an unorthodox way. Every interview will be an event in itself, with a small audience. The products of interviews will be words recorded, statements written down, but also drawings, body traces, or conceptual artefacts. They will be choreographed and exposed in the book. The object-book will offer physical experience for all senses. It will surprise a "reader" with its unorthodox form and compositional unpredictability.

During the time of its development, parts of BODY-BOOK will be exposed in different settings, such as festivals, galleries, libraries, various public spaces or in private viewings. This way of exposing the not yet finished product, will allow new inputs and a possibility to involve other practitioners and audience in the process of creating.

BODY-BOOK is a book which will, in a literal sense, gain body, a specific physicality and become an entity of its own. The method used to choreograph it allows for this book to be unpredictable and self-willed. This "free-willed" book is also a body in which many different ideas, manifestations and uses of the body meet. Initiation of this inclusion and accumulation process starts already with the size of the object-book which diagonally measures the same like the height of the smallest man currently living on Earth (54cm). By its method of scaling and including different sizes, forms, movements and directions, this book will create a possibility for us to better understand the enormous complexity of the most concrete/immaterial phenomenon in the human world - the body.

Already in the BODY-BOOK: Hisako Horikawa, Jefta van Dinther, Frank Van de Ven, Fransien van der Putt, Robert Steijn, Maria Mavridou and Pablo Fontdevila.

If you are hosting a public event, festival, or are searching for collaborations related to the subjects which BODY-BOOK explores, you are most welcome to contact me regarding a potential collaboration.