Het wonderbaarlijke levensverhaal van powervrouw Metje Blaak

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Candy is a feminine and brutal duet between ex-prostitute and striper, activist and writer Metje Blaak (68) and dancer and choreographer Branka Zgonjanin (37). Candy is an imaginary superhero, born from the intersection of the mighty alter-egos of Metje and Branka. Candy is a lively statement about the taboos around sex-work and the ageing female body.

Branka Zgonjanin has her fascination for the social unwillingness to take sex-work seriously elaborated in an artistic dialogue with 'La Blaak'. The handcrafts of Metje, her tips & tricks, her professional skills become dance artefacts that constitute Zgonjanin's conceptual dance-theater. The concreteness of sex-work, entertainment and activism get to be incorporated in the abstraction of choreographic interventions.

Candy is a groundbreaking collaboration between female artists from different generations and from different parts of Europe, with a wide range of body practices as a basis.

In Candy, freedom, self-awareness and the role that art and creativity play in it, are central and translated into a comic role-play and mysterious transformations. Beyond spectacular seduction scenes, happy tunes, missed statements and reluctant jokes, Candy is ultimately about the vulnerable side of its performers.

Choreographer/Producer/Performer: Branka Zgonjanin
Performer: Metje Blaak
Song-writer: Clous van Mechelen
Dramaturg: Fransien van der Putt
Production and choreography assistent: Jet Kragt
Dancers: Stefania Petroula, Manuela Lucia Tessi and Maria Mavridou
Composer: Nikola Jeremic
Sound: Adam S. Beni
Premiere: 11th September 2017
Venue: CREA Theater, Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2017, Amsterdam

Candy is made thanks to the generous help of friends, family and: