I am...

(Ja sam...)

This piece came as a crown of one year project called "You are..."/"Ti si...", in which I was performing every Wednesday for one stranger in one of the unexplored spaces of cultural centre DKSG. I was performing a solo dance improvisation, in which I was using as a beginning inspiration impulses, sensations, information, which I would receive from my unknown spectator. After 26 single performances, which were all completely different, I have made a piece based on these experiences. This piece was for all of my previous spectators to see together. Connected in time and all related to my performance, they have finally met physically. They were all witnessing a story of my life in a form of a peep-show, seeing each other faces across a stage.
"I am..." is a piece about me, but actually this piece is just another way to talk about you.
After the premiere, this piece opened and was shown to other spectators.

Concept, choreography and performance: Branka Zgonjanin
Music: PG
Technical realization: Dusko Joksimovic
Light technician: Dragan Radlovic
Sound technician: Zoran Gajic/Sun Mandic
Set design: Dragan Ve Ignjatovic
Costume: Pagan Future The and Danica Zgonjanin
Design of marketing material: Marija Dokmanovic
Photos of the performance: Ivana Djokic-Saunderson
Special thanks: Vladimir Jevtovic, Nina Radosavljevic, Zoran Gajic,
Danica, Branko i Ana Zgonjanin, Lada Kapicic-Djuric, Ivko Sesic,
Dusko Joksimovic, Sun Mandic, "Podmornice" i Jelena Petrov

Production: Pagan Future Theater and Open Theater DKSG, Belgrade
Pre-premiere 9th March 2004, premiere 12th March 2004, DKSG, Belgrade

I am... was performed on Festival Test! 2004 in Zagreb and on Festival of Short Artistic Forms, New Belgrade Municipality 2004