Prelude for a Causal Machine

This piece is made in the mid of my pregnancy, during an intense process of my collaboration with performers Maria Mavridou and Ema Nik. We have been exploring the principles of CAUSAL MACHINE, concept which I have discovered and established during my research/study at Amsterdam Master of Choreography. Two women live in a parallel universe of the stage they never directly meet. They are both busy with their own self and activities which they are performing. They always use agency of something in order to exist/perform. Sometimes they are just two different sides of one same person, juxtaposed in the space of the stage to echo each other. Their personalities are being told, their bodies are being measured and notified, they move in-between words and points, creating beautiful sentences made of body-parts, their history and their now.

Concept and choreography Branka Zgonjanin
Performance Maria Mavridou and Ema Nik
Dramaturgy Felix Ritter
Light design Katinka Marac
Light technician Jeroen de Boer
Sound technician Dave Krooshof
Project manager velvet lee black
Artistic advice Martin Sonderkamp
Special thanks Adam Beni

23. October 2010, Theaterschool, studio 6.02