A choreographic proposal for a new society

Available for showing - contact for details

Response to choreographic TASK # 09 by Mateja Buchar
Concept, choreography and performance: Branka Zgonjanin

This performance is investigating a possibility for a new kind of society. A society in which every single coordinate of the universe will be able to connect and relate to any other coordinate without loosing itself. In order to create this ideal society, based on omnipotent relationships, Branka Zgonjanin will try to define a relation(ship) in its structural and tangible sense as it manifests in details.


          Relationship is a basic political unit.
          Relationship is a trust in an exchange.
          Relationship is a definition of a distance – or a definition of a proximity.
          Relationship is a philosophical category.
          Relationship will become poetry…

Special thanks: BodLabOT Amsterdam (studio space), Ema Nik Thomas (support), Adam Beni (sound), Yael Assaf (advice)

Premiere at Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 26.4.2013
Production: Dance center TALA, Zagreb, Croatia
Supported by: Station, Belgrade, Serbia