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VoltageSpa involves sonic and musical qualities of electronic music and percussion and the human body as a conductive matter and amplifying mirror. With time these premisses evolve into a performative voyage through mental and physical conceptions of sound and space. Bodies, human and those of the objects in the room, charge with a high voltage created by methods of suspension, deep listening, containment of inner tensions, controlled madness and mutual juxtaposition. When the charging reaches its limits - implosion takes place - we arrive at a point of not-knowing yet allowing for a process to occur through the conditions we have set. The delivery of such a process is felt on both physical and psychological level by the audience. Further, this process has its own logic and its incarnation in a given moment come as a surprise.
Duration: 40-60 mins

VoltageSpa is a bend and a situation. Members of VoltageSpa are Gert-Jan Prins and Branka Zgonjanin.