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VoltageSpa is an audio-visual embodiment project. Based on an idea of inter-penetration between material and immaterial realms of a performance / layering of the visual, auditory and bodily elements / employment of a primitive, urban and domestic ready-made tools and practices - VoltageSpa transforms from an installation, into situation, into an event, into a one-time experience. Each performance is a unique creation, a new fractal constellation of elements involved.
Over a period of time [usually one hour] hard matter of technologically anachronistic instruments and objects (radio, industrial objects, sole body, drums with leather skins, copper plates...) evolves into unique tools for a creation of a virtual space, a field inside of a space of a performance. This field, abstract and ephemeral, yet almost tangible, is a place where we arrive together with the audience. The uncertainty how this field will come out is a part of the thrill we propose. We are interested to travel together to this mental place and to seek for a bliss of transformation.
Co-creators and makers of VoltageSpa are sound artist Gert-Jan Prins and choreographer and performer Branka Zgonjanin.