Branka Zgonjanin (1980, Belgrade) is a visual and conceptual artist, performer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. She holds an MA in Choreography from the Theaterschool in Amsterdam (2011), and an MA in Anthropology from Belgrade University (2005). In Zgonjanin's works, visual and performing arts meet in her unique technique of "physicalising an image and pictorialising a movement." Her performances are focused on the direct relationship between body and politics and her choreographic methodology of "The Decentralised Body" facilitates questions of democracy, freedom and self-governance. She employs visual and sensorial phenomena such as synesthesia, kinestesia and proprioception in order to reveal non-antropocentric realities and test the limits of daily human perception.

Through collaborations and curation of diverse art and social events, Zgonjanin contributes to building a different kind of artistic, political and economic infrastructure in Amsterdam. Currently, she is investigating a notion of "Transformative Art" practice, which involves performance as a ritual and as a tool for tapping into collective consciousness. Zgonjanin's recent works include: Stolen Pleasures (with VJ Yafit Taranto), VoltageSpa (with sound artist Gert-Jan Prins); Candy (with Metje Blaak); Op-positionsStereo-politics; and Body That Matter. She coaches and teaches dance and movement workshops in Amsterdam.

Photo: Yael Assaf