The performances are offered on a menu, and sold for prices starting from as little as 2 EUR. The audience choses a length (longer=more expensive) of a unique performance which will be performed only once, and only for them who chose. This is only the beginning. The scenery around the Performance Store DITS (The Red Lights District) is an ambivalent space in which many economic and aesthetic expectations and conventions meet or clash. Here the (female) body has one specific meaning and function - it is straightforward and taken to the extreme pole of objectification. This scenery is being constantly constructed in-between entertainment and deep human urges. In this set-up, we address not only the local, but also the global society, represented by endless amount of travellers, passengers, trespassers - we address their presence by disturbing the idea of consumption, passivity, absent-minded tourism, passage as a form of a social relation. By doing so we attempt to trigger adequate and mutual relations, a subject to subject, a human to human, a being to being reciprocity. We create a space for seeing things with different eyes, for experiencing body from another perspective, for consumption with awareness and for a development of vigilance. We stop the flow of the Red Lights for a moment to trigger the causal machine, the causality built deeply in our world, yet forgotten. Who owns us, who moves us, who makes us think? Or, why did I make this movement now?

With dancers: Sophia van der Putten, Nathalie Smoor, Stefania Petr, Irina Vainio / DITS - Performance store, Amsterdam 2014/15

Photos: Fleur van Dissel