Causal Machine

Causal Machine is a Family of Choreographies. The kinship between those choreographies lays is my in-depth research of inner forces within one's body. As a choreographer I start from the notion that each person has many different bodies, and that these bodies are interrelated and influencing each other. Most of these relations are invisible yet the physical results of their existence are concrete. In this project I was interested to find choreographic tools to make the invisible visible, and to reveal these different bodies and their relations in one's habitus (the sum of all embodiments in one person). My method was to look at the material proofs of these bodies, to examine them and to allow them to enfold in a frame of a piece. The piece "One double body" is based on the real-time rite de passage experience of a performer/woman: pregnancy, labour and becoming a mother. Choreographic materiality stems from specific physicality related to this moment in life and to the causality between mother's and baby's bodies. The piece "Prelude for a Causal Machine" explores parallel worlds of two women on stage, who relate with each other only through agency of something (sound/voice, drawing grids on the floor and sofa). Seemingly not connected, their stories intertwine through the mechanics of Causal Machine, and their movements create a dance supported by a rhythm which resides in causality. The piece "Mirror (Stage)" is the founding piece of the Family. Here I worked with performers positioned in front of a mirror. They were observing their own movements, their reflection in the mirror, while not being able to see their own gaze, nor their head. Then they were moving by being triggered with this observation. Then, again, they would see their newly produced movements in the mirror which would influence the next production of movement, etc. This is the basic mechanics of Causal Machine. The most recent work which employs the Causal Machine principles is Op-positions.

ONE DOUBLE BODY / Conversations with the Fish