This performance is investigating a possibility for a new kind of society. A society in which every single coordinate of the universe is able to connect and relate to any other coordinate without loosing itself. In order to create this ideal society, based on omnipotent relationships, I am trying to define a relation(ship) in it's structural and tangible sense as it manifests in details between elements which make up a choreography. Space – time – light – sound – prop – performer – audience – action – pause – movement – performance are treated as if they are subjects. I introduce them one by one and I explore their attributes on stage, seeking to find out how would each element of a choreography behave if it was given a chance to present itself without being a part of a predefined narrative or a dramaturgy. Once their presence is (self)established, I begin to enable relations between these subjects. Their interactions and “spontaneous” formations eventually lead to a creation of „a society of choreographic elements“. This performance is a muted philosophical dialogue and the audience is witnessing the process of its unfolding into nothing less than a single poem.

Response to choreographic TASK # 09 by Mateja Buchar
Concept, choreography and performance: Branka Zgonjanin Sound: Adam Beni Premiere at Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 26.4.2013 
Production: Dance center TALA, Zagreb, Croatia
Supported by: Station, Belgrade, Serbia Performed at: Rex [Belgrade, Serbia], Volksroom [Brussels, Belgium], OT301 [Amsterdam] Special thanks: BodLabOT Amsterdam, Ema Nik Thomas, Yael Assaf Photos: Eva Campos Suárez, Anné-Frine Steiger