Voltage Spa

VoltageSpa is an audio-visual performance. Based on idea of inter-penetration between material and immaterial realms of a performance / layering of the visual, auditory and bodily elements / employment of a primitive, urban and domestic ready-made tools and practices - VoltageSpa transforms from an installation, into situation, into an event, into one-time experience. Each performance is a unique creation, a new fractal constellation of elements involved. 
Over a period of time hard matter of technologically anachronistic instruments and objects (radio, handmade analogue electronic instruments, industrial objects, sole body, female voice, drums with leather skins, copper plates...) has evolved into our tools for creation of a virtual space, an electro-magnetic field inside of the space in which performance happens. This field, abstract and ephemeral, yet almost tangible, is a destination to which each time in a different manner we arrive together with our audience.

Co-creators and makers of VoltageSpa are sound artist Gert-Jan Prins and choreographer and performer Branka Zgonjanin

VoltageSpa exists since 2016. We performed at following venues: Cinetol, Bimhuis, Het Glazenhuis, 4bid Gallery/OT301, Ruigoord, Plan C, Vrijpaleis, ReMo, Wencke, Salon Ijzerstaven (Amsterdam); Pletterij (Haarlem), Helicopter (Den Haag) and at Brick-5 (Vienna).