Body That Matter

Body That Matter is visually immersing landscape of moving sculptures. This work is inspired by Roland Barthes subjective and poetic, yet culturally conscious reading of photography, in his book Roland Barthes par Roland Barthes. Pictures from performer's personal archive, gathered from all over the world, juxtaposed with still and progressively moving postures, reveal subjective relation between her and the visual content. The materiality of the body blows up melancholic capture of a snow white New Years Eve in Berlin, or the urgency of people's revolution in Oaxaca, or a memory of the Yugoslavian era, trapped in the photo of Yugoslav flag. Parts of pictures come closer to the spectator, making her/him feel the flash of the moment which once was.

This work was made in 24-hour residency at AWA Gallery (OT301, Amsterdam), and since then developed in different venues, in following editions: Body That Matter at I Like To Watch Too, Julidans (Paradiso, 2012); Body That Matter - In episode: 100 years of lies, with DJ Stefan Prokop (Plan C and Cinetol, 2015); Body That (Isn't) Matter with photographer and DJ Ehud Neuhaus (Losdok Gallery, 2017); Stolen Pleasures, with VJ Yafit Taranto (2018-2019, Film Academy and Vurige Tongen Festival, Ruigoord).